“ NASA has named a mountain on Mars ‘GISHWHES’. ”
- Misha Collins (via theoverlordmisha)


misha told us about how west has a favorite hat that he loves to wear, but there’s been a heat wave so it’s too hot to wear on their walks.

every time misha tells west to take his hat off, west cries and refuses.

"People at #dallascon keep staring at (or near) my crotch! #imnotapieceofmeat!" [x]


You're a good soldier, Hannah, and one of the best.

AU: When Castiel decides to fall for a life with the Winchesters, he takes an entire day flourishing his wings, travelling from all through out the world in the speed of light, lying down on the grass of his favorite heaven filled with an unending Thursday. The last thing he does is say goodbye.




Don’t you ever, tame your demons,
Always keep them on a leash.


naomi in every episode